What a crap?! No rabbis onboard the Polish LO16

Who is this Arfican guru, who knows more than the passengers?

There are some undocumented rumours that there was a group of rabbis onboard the Polish plane which landed without the landing gear on 1-st Nov 2011. Like the guy below who says that „The plane was full of the rabbis”.

The AfriSynergy who looks to me more like disinformed honest video blogger or maybe even professional disinfo agent, than Afri-insider, reveals „sensations” about the flight LO16.
One should notice, that he knew about the „rabbis” right the same day the accident occured. Where from? Who gave thim this „sensational” information? I bet it came from „reliable source” he’s been in contact with. 
As Rahm Emanuel used to say: „You never want a serious crisis to go to waste„, so they don’t waste it.
And this was a crisis since the Polish pilot happened to be best of the best and was able to land a machine in unimaginable situation.
Like in any good disinfo, this one is also mixed with right information – as about the „rabbis collecting human organs for sale” or „missile defence system in Poland”. He’s also right about the two systems for opening the landing gear. Both failed. We should add that there was a third – gravitational system which was not mentioned.
The clue of his message is that the plane was „sabotaged on the Newark Airport”, and the „rabbis were the target”. Isn’t it stupid to disable landing gear instead of planting the bomb on the plane?

ABC program proves that Newark Airport is not safe at all

But he forgot about what’s the most important – who takes care of the security at Newark Airport. Short google research and here we are: it’s ICTS – an Israeli security firm based in Netherlands :

As we see, it „develops products and provides consulting and personnel services in the field of aviation and general security. It was established in 1982, by former members of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, and El Al airline security agents.

Well, there were security breaches on Newark Airport, as it was shown in 2010 on the ABC News „Security Scares Delay Flights”, but can you imagine Israeli firm, with Mossad founders, neglecting the security of large group of rabbis traveling to thecountry where the Holocaust took place? (As a Pole, I have to add of course, that Poles had nothing to do with the tragedy of Holocaust, but it’s another subject).

For those who still think that there was a large group of rabbis onboard the LO16 flight, there is a footage recorded by one of the passengers inside the plane during the landing and right after that, when people were evacuated. Do you see any rabbi?

Catholic priest two times gave an absolution to "everybody onboard"

Still there is a chance that the guy who filmed this footage missed all those rabbis. So maybe someone spoke on TV about this group? The same day, there was a program on Catholic TV „Trwam” with Catholic priest, Father Piotr Chyla, who was onboard the plane.

During the 24 minutes of program he never mentioned about any rabbi. But the priest underlined that „all passengers were absolved” by him, and it was done twice.
Chyla is sure that the plane was saved because he had a relic of Pope John II with him onboard (as it was explained later, it was a blood of beatified Polish Pope. And it was not even mentioned in Western media).

  • „Everyone who believed prayed that day with us…”said Father Chyla.

So, should we believe that rabbis prayed together with Catholics and Father Chyla forgot to mention about that? What’s more, is it possible that the rabbis were also absolved, alltogether with Catholics?

We don’t have access to the list of passengers – it could easily solve the problem, but somehow no one want’s to publish it. So for now, until it’s proven, don’t spread those rumours without any evidence, please.